Cofinanciado por el Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Barcelona

Shardana is the first album by composer and musician Zoe Pia.
Shardana’s music embodies the traditions, legends and mysteries of Sardinia.
Shardana – The “people of the islands that are in the midst”, described by Ramses II (stele
of Tanis) in the second millennium BC as the rebels that no one ever knew how to fight,
supposedly lived in Sardinia and left more traces of themselves there, an island rich in
archeology and mystery.
The technique of the soundscape composition combined with the contemporary language
made it possible to make the music talk about the legends and the hidden energy in the
Tomb of the Giants of Sa Dom ‘e S’Orcu, about mysterious characters such as
S’Accabadora, about the strong processional traditions in Mogoro, about the history of
the land and of the Mediterranean people, paying tribute to the great singer Andrea Parodi
and the mystical Domus de Janas with the echoing of the traditional Sardinian dance.
The “launeddas”, a very valuable and unexplored ancient instrument, stands out, among
other instruments, in a very personal way, due to an accurate research on its tonal
This recording work is the result of the experience of research developed at the
“Francesco Venezze” of Rovigo, in the project “Composing with the Polesine sounds”.
The applied methods were aimed at the exploitation of the contemporary music, the
contamination of different musical languages and the enhancing of values of universal