Cofinanciado por el Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Barcelona.

He is from Nuoro. He started playing alto sax when he was twelve years old. Thanks to his father’s well-stocked vinyl record collection he had the chance to discover and grow while listening to jazz and classical music. He started playing with various pop and funk groups and collaborated with some theatrical companies in Sardinia; he attended Paolo Fresu seminars in Nuoro and very soon after he traveled to Siena when he was 19 years old to be part of the Jazz Orchestra Giovanile Italiana as first tenor sax.

This immersion in the jazz world gave him the opportunity to increase his experience and to get in touch with many musicians with whom he had countless opportunities to play and to do records in duo, trio and quartet groups. With its deep musical roots, Sardinia was constantly present in his sonorous path.
The Canto a Tenores in his Bassu (bass) part he had when he was in his teen years and the traditional study of the Launeddas (pan-pipes), slowly merge with the African-American music finding an original and authentic path. Along with the Soprano and Tenor sax he also plays the Baritone sax, Flutes and Duduk.